«The Critical Spirit and the demands of reason in Ancient Greece : Development, Posterity, Actuality», Jean-Marc Narbonne, Cambridge

Conférence de Jean-Marc Narbonne à l'invitation de Douglas Hedley, le lundi 25 avril 2016 à Cambridge.

Meeting of the Cudworth Society - 25th April, 2.30pm

At 2.30 on Monday 25th of April Professor Jean-Marc Narbonne (ULaval) will discuss his new book 'Antiquité critique et modernity: Essai sur le rôle de la pensée critique en Occident' in the Thirkill room at Clare College. Professor Narbonne is one of the most distinguished scholars of Neoplatonism and its relevance for modern thought.  He will present the thesis of his provocative new book in English. It promises to be a fascinating discussion.

All are welcome.

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